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School Food Pantry

More than 1 in 5 children lives in a food insecure household according to the USDA. Hunger and children should
not be todays concerns, but sadly it is. Children should not suffer due to financial hardship within their households. Building school food pantries provides the proper nutrients so students can prosper and excel. 

On The go Relief has partnered with Stop & Shop to provide 3 Title 1 School Food Pantries serving 779 student monthly. 

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P.S. 147 Isaac Remsen
325 Bushwick Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206

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ps 290.jpg

P.S. 290 The Juan Morel Campos School
135 Schenck Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11207

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290 pantry pic.jpg
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147 shopping.jpg
290 delivery.jpg
938 logo.png

P.S. 938/M.S. 935
76 Dinsmore Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11208

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938 pantry.jpg
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938 delivery pic.jpg
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