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NY: 71,324.50 pds of food to 25,302 individuals

FL: 82,271.80 pds of food to 5,970 individuals

Food insecurity continues to impact vulnerable communities, exceeding pre-pandemic levels. Providing a food pantry among the neighborhoods we target helps relieve some of the household food budgets that puts a strain financially and helps to provide enough for low income poverty households. 

NYC Food Pantry in Brooklyn NY Kings County

  • More than 35.2 million United States residents, or 10.9 percent, are food insecure.

  • Nearly 2.1 million New York State residents, or 10.7 percent, are food insecure.

  • Nearly 1.1 million New York City residents, or 12.5 percent, are food insecure.

  • New York City residents make up half (50 percent) of all food insecure people living in New York State.

  • The number of food insecure individuals in New York City is projected to increase by more than 44 percent due to COVID-19. As such, nearly 1.6 million or 18.6 percent New York City residents are now projected to be experiencing food insecurity.

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Florida Food Pantry located at Hope South Florida Broward county

Broward County

  • 15 percent of the Broward County population is food insecure, with 266,920 people not knowing from where they will get their next meal.

  • 73 percent of the food insecure population in Broward County qualify based on income for SNAP (food stamps) and other federal nutrition programs, while 27 percent do not and often must rely on emergency food assistance programs and need better wages and employment opportunities to help them meet their basic needs.

  • $3.12 is the average price per meal in Broward County.

  • The food budget shortfall in Broward County per person per week is $18.22, with a total shortfall of $147,548,000 or 47,244,500 meals.

  • 7 percent of children in Broward County are food insecure, meaning 81,650 children go to bed hungry.

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